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Family Chiropractic in Waterdown

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Restore your body’s natural ability to heal and function with specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments.

Your body relies on a healthy and functioning nervous system to complete everyday tasks from walking and lifting to more complex jobs such as cellular function (healing) and digesting nutritious foods. Chiropractic care involves the detection and analysis of restrictions to the nervous system (subluxations) and the reduction of these restrictions through specific spinal adjustments. By reducing these restrictions the body is able to move correctly and thereby, function is restored to the nervous system. This results in the body being able to heal itself from pain, increase mobility and energy, decrease illness and provide overall better health.

Dr. Laura Dobrinsky and Dr. Kate O’Hare specialize in safe, specific and gentle techniques for all ages. Some techniques performed include: Diversified, Thompson (drop table), Activator, Muscle Release Technique and Webster (to reduce intrauterine constraint and relieve pressure on growing baby allowing for better positioning).

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Chiropractic Care is Not Just for Low Back or Neck Pain

Children that received regular chiropractic adjustments have shown to get sick less often and recover from illness faster. Infant colic, irritability, constipation, ear discomfort, acid reflux and behaviour or development concerns among other common conditions have shown improvement with care. In particular, chiropractic has shown great success relieving colic symptoms in 94% of infants within 14 days.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can reduce your chances of posterior or breech presentation; relieve common back pain and pelvis discomfort, reduce labour time by 24% for your first pregnancy, and reduce your chances of requiring unnecessary medical intervention.

Research by Senna (2011) showed that the when an individual with non-specific mechanical conditions such as neck, low back and pelvic pain are adjusted their long-term outcome is enhanced by regular chiropractic adjustments after the initial intensive adjustment period.

Improve Your Body’s Ability to Adapt to Stress and Function More Efficiently

Chiropractic is a proven science in the detection, analysis and correction of spinal restrictions (subluxations) which can manifest as not only pain but other symptoms that may seem unrelated or even normal such as problems with breathing, digestive upset, frequent colds, insomnia, behavioural changes and/or mental clarity.

Only 10% of nerve fibres are associated with PAIN, while the other 90% are related to FUNCTION. This means that while you may or may not be in pain, there is a higher likelihood of a dysfunction in an important body system. Chiropractic care can help detect these restrictions before symptoms occur and reduce their impact on the body helping to prevent against future pain, disability and illness.

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