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Your Second Visit

Report of Findings

After the initial assessment is complete, our team will review your health history and examination findings to create a specific care plan for you. You’ll then return for a second visit. We’ll have you watch a brief orientation video to better understand chiropractic care. After the video, your doctor will explain the results of your scans, examination and X-rays (if taken). This will be related back to your health condition or challenge so you’ll understand how we’re going to improve your health.

A Customized Care Plan

Your report of findings is concluded with the details of your individualized care plan. This will outline the recommended number of visits, nutritional advice and recommended supplements, rehabilitative exercises and lifestyle modifications. Most care plans consists of three phases; relief, restoration and wellness or maintenance. If you require a referral for additional testing or examination, we’ll discuss this with you. Next, you will be checked and adjusted! You are now on your way to improving your health. We ask that you see the front desk following your first adjustment to discuss the financial details of your care and your family plan options. Please have your calendar handy as we like to schedule your next appointment before leaving the office so we can stay on track with your care plan. Are you interested in finding out more about how we can improve your health? Contact us today!

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